NYS Driving Test Doubts


Photo courtesy of www.roadtestsny.com

Chloe Mosher, Staff Writer

Everyone has to take a road test at least once in their lives if they want to drive. For most teenagers, getting a license is the first taste of freedom. Some maybe even get their own car. This new independence is all dependent on a pass or a fail. NYS has a variety of test sites to choose from, as well as driving schools and driver’s education courses. Where you take your test, how you prepare, and your level of confidence are all controllable factors that determine your score. 

According to Pierre Paul driving school, Riverhead is the easiest road test location in NYS, but as someone who failed there twice already, I disagree. So do juniors Frankie Derby and Will Drake. Frankie says, “I failed twice at Riverhead, then took it at Centereach, and I passed easily.” 

Will had the same experience at Riverhead, and took his third test at Patchogue. “The roads at Riverhead are hard, and there’s no curbs to reference in parallel parking,” he said. Both Frankie and Will agree that the hardest part of the test was the difficult examiners, as did many other test takers. The requirements to become a drivers test examiner are only a high school diploma, valid driver’s license, and passing a basic exam on road safety signs and driving. 

According to autoblog.com, over 50 % of NY drivers fail basic road tests. Junior Peyton Worby and senior Emily Galovic passed their road tests on their first try at Riverhead, and said they practiced as much as possible to secure their pass. Peyton said, “I got lessons before the test, and took it in the driving school’s car.” 

Emily took driver’s ed through Suffolk Community College, although there are several other options like through our School, Ivy League, Camillus, DriversEd.com, and many more with online options as well. Some driving schools on Long Island include Long Island Driving School, and All-Suffolk Auto School. 

Before you take your road test, make sure you study the road rules, get a lot of practice, and have confidence. Good luck and stay safe on the roads!