Student-Athlete Suicides

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Chloe Mosher, Staff Writer

Colleges need to prioritize the mental health of student athletes. Suicides are becoming common and taken too lightly. The student athletes deserve better resources with easier access. It is unfortunately too late for many, but it is not too late to change the future.

The pressure to perform makes athletes more susceptible to depression. They have demanding schedules, are judged by people through social media, and can possibly experience injury. According to’s article on mental health services, only 10% of college athletes that have mental health conditions pursue help due to the stigma within the sports community.

Additionally, more than a quarter of male student athletes report having anxiety. Most athletes strive for perfectionism. Balancing academics while being in a constantly competitive environment can get many people to their breaking points. According to NBC News, student athletes are at high risk of low self-esteem and are proven to get less sleep.

We can’t lose another life. Last college spring season there was an upsetting amount of suicides: Katie Meyer, Sarah Shulze, Jayden Hill, Arlana Miller and Robert Martin, all within three months of each other.  This is a spiraling mental health crisis. Better resources are needed at every college and university. Colleges need to start caring more about their athletes, and make sure getting help isn’t an inconvenience. 

Dial 998 to speak with someone if you are experiencing suicidal thoughts.