Life After Quarantine


People around the world experience quarantine life differently – some choose to take it seriously and some don’t.  But the biggest question in everyone’s minds is when and how will we return into society? 

Returning back to a normal life will be impossible for some people while the pandemic is still going on but there are numerous ways to reenter the new life that involves being more cautious and sanitary. Many people leave their house thinking that they won’t need to be afraid of getting the virus because they aren’t sick but that is in fact not true because many people can be Asymptomatic – they could have the disease or virus but have no symptoms to reveal that they actually have it.  

So when leaving the house you should always wear a mask in public places, wash your hands after doing anything that might bring a virus back into your home, and keep a safe distance from people that are sick or not.  Restaurants are now returning to allowing people to eat (outside) but diners must wear a mask in common areas.  

Those who are super cautious might choose to bring their own utensils to eat with.  When going to a doctor’s office or any place that requires signing something, some like to bring their own pen or fill-out forms online before going. To open doors, using a tissue and gloves can make you feel more comfortable.

There are numerous ways to reenter society and slowly return to normal if people follow the small rules that people give to keep yourself and others safe.