Want to Become TikTok Famous? Read this.


Abby Gobler, Staff Writer

What does it take to become “TikTok famous”? Westhampton Beach High School Students have the secret to viral success.  

The app TikTok was released in August of 2018. Its rise to popularity has been a quick one. Its videos have begun to define our generation. 

Formerly known as Musical.ly, TikTok has transformed into one the goofiest social media platforms. The app includes comedy, inside jokes, memes, and lip syncing videos. There is something for everyone. 

Since TikTok offers such a wide variety of video types it has attracted all kinds of users. From comedians to singers to normal teens there is one goal. Getting on the For You Page. 

The For You Page is the easiest way for teens to become “TikTok famous.” Using a popular sound or hashtag can land you a spot on the For You Page where TikTok users from across the world can like your videos and follow your profile. 

We have a few “TikTok famous” students in our very own school. Caroline Henke, WHBHS junior, has over 10,100 followers on TikTok. According to her, a following like this does not come easily.

In order to rack up views and likes Caroline says, “It’s important to really put effort into each and every video you post, just hoping one day it will make it on the For You Page.” 

Caroline she has ended up on the For You Page numerous times. This has helped her account grow.  

“My most popular video is my ‘Glow Up’ from 8th grade to 11th grade. That one got 1.2 million views and 156.9k likes”. 

Aside from hard work and creativity, it is clear that becoming “TikTok famous” takes quite a bit of luck. So for all the wannabe TikTok stars, keep making creative videos, you got this!