Salutatorian Madison Quinn Chooses Georgetown!


Lily Berchin, Staff Writer

As the 2022 school year comes to an end, we finally get to see where all the seniors in WHB will choose to go/do next year! Westhampton Beach is a school full of smart students, especially one of my best friends, Madison Quinn or as some call her, “Q”. Madison is the 2022 salutatorian and will be attending Georgetown University next year. 

Madison has been studying hard and doing homework since kindergarten, literally. She works very hard for what she wants. It took Madison a while to pick a college and we all awaited for her decision.  As to why she chose Georgetown, she said, “Georgetown is going to challenge me academically, has a campus right by a city, is a medium size (student population), and will provide me with a lot of internship and networking opportunities. But most importantly, when I was on campus I could really see myself going there.”

Georgetown hasn’t always been at the top of her list though.  She said, “I never even thought about applying until the end of my junior year.“

After graduation, we all go our separate ways to follow our chosen paths. Madison is still undecided on a major, but has a few choices. “As of right now, I will be studying either political science or economics (or maybe both with a double major). I won’t be surprised if I change my mind though,” she said.

Since we were kids, everyone has wondered where this smart girl would end up. The major Madison is interested in will consist of four years of hard work, but we all know this will be light work for her.

Q grew up in East Moriches playing soccer, lacrosse, and basketball.  Next year, she says, she will find other interests besides sports.  “I am not planning on joining any club sports. I would’ve liked to join club lacrosse, but my ankle is not very stable so it’s best if I don’t overwork it. I’m definitely going to join other activities though. I want to become a tour guide with Georgetown’s GAAP Program. I also think I want to join a sorority as well as a club for pre-law students.”

At Georgetown, Madison hopes to expand her interest academically.  She said, “I’m excited to get to take classes that I am actually interested in. During high school, I’ve mostly just taken every AP class that was available to me. Therefore I haven’t had much room in my schedule to explore academic areas that I was curious about, so I’m really excited to get to do that at Georgetown. I’m also excited to just be in a new environment and to be more independent.” 

One of the biggest challenges for Madison will be not seeing friends and family everyday.  Madison said,  “I’m probably going to miss my mom the most when I leave. It’s going to be so weird not seeing and talking to her everyday. I’m also going to miss all of my friends and my high school teachers.” 

Well here we are, the end of an era. If you ever need tips about high school, I’d definitely call up Madison Quinn. She’s not that much of a nerd though, I promise.  She knows how to have a good time too!    We wish her the best of luck with the next chapter.

Hoya Saxa!