Murals In May


Tor’s mural in the pass through hallway to science

Chloe Maxwell, Staff Writer

The school year is just about to end and the AP art students have just  about finished up working on their murals around the school. For the past month, they have been painting and sketching out designs on the walls throughout the school day. AP Teacher Mrs. Gordon teaches the an elective class which is available to seniors.

There are a total of 11 students in her class. This class is different from other classes because every student generates their own art work. It’s all based on their decisions, they get complete artistic freedom, and it allows their creativity to flourish. 

The AP art final project is to create a unique mural painting somewhere around the school. Before students are allowed to begin their murals they have to finish their 15 works of art for their portfolios.  Mrs Gordon says, “Usually students get done with their portfolios in the beginning of May and they have the rest of the school year to complete their mural.”

Senior Abby Barnabee’s mural is based on “Diversity throughout the school and its student population.” She painted her mural in the front main staircase where everyone can see it when they walk in so it says “welcome” in over 10 different languages.

Tor Christensen, another AP artist based his mural off a movie he watched when he was 5 and this image really stuck with him.  It also has his name in it the movie was called my neighbor Toroto. The director of the movie has been his biggest inspiration in art. Tor’s dad and sister are also artists he draws and sketches and he is in the process of making a comic book.

Not only does this AP Art class allow students to paint a mural but it also has a few benefits.  If students score a 3 or above, most colleges will accept their credits which creates lower prices on their  tuition. In addition to artistic skills, the class provides other skills like time management and how to freely use artistic freedom and generate ideas.

Although Abby and Tor used different inspirations for their murals, they both have and show an important meaning in their own unique way.