The Emotions of Leaving for College


Arielle Bolduc, Staff Writer

Another year, another graduation.

WHB seniors have all committed to the college of their choice and are preparing for the next four years. Although this is a very exciting time of our lives, it does come with a load of emotions.

Leaving for college is scary; you’re jumping out of your comfort zone and moving somewhere else. Most kids won’t be able to get in their cars and easily drive home anymore, we’ll have to start taking planes to get home. We won’t feel the comfort of our houses, and climbing into our warm beds at the end of the day. We also won’t be seeing our loved ones as often.

A few students shared their opinions on leaving for college. Matthew Girard, who’s going to UMiami, said, “I can’t wait to leave New York, although it’ll be like moving from one beach to another. But I definitely will miss home.” Of course WHB seniors are excited for what’s to come. These next four years will be some of the best years of our lives.

Senior Kasper Buchen, who will be attending Florida State University, said, “I’m excited to make friends and move to Florida. It’ll be a new environment that I feel like I’m ready for.”

Not only will we be leaving our friends and family, we’ll be leaving our pets. Senior Lizzie Knierman, going to Dayton University in Ohio, says,” I’m going to miss my dog and going for walks. I’ll miss having her by my side, but I’ll be back for breaks though.”

During this time in our lives, seeing where all our friends are going and preparing for college, can be overwhelming and exciting. We’ve all accomplished amazing things, and are fully equipped for the upcoming four years.

Congratulations WHB class of 2021!