Holiday Shopping on a Whole New Level


Lyndzee Walker , Staff Writer

The holiday season can become a real bummer or be a joy of excitement when planning your holiday wishlist and gifts under the tree. To avoid becoming stressful and exhausting, here are a few tricks and tips to keep your holiday shopping under control. 

Christmas shopping can lead shoppers to feel overwhelmed and pressured to have the best gifts for their family under the tree. Junior Erinn Tedesco said, “Sometimes because it’s difficult finding things that people will actually like. I stop and think for a minute and regroup before I keep shopping.’’ 

To make your holiday shopping experience more fun and less stressful,  always have a budget when shopping. Many of us are known to buy too many things and not have enough money for the important things in life. Sophomore Abby Barnabee shared, “I set a certain amount of money aside to buy gifts and then ask the person what they would like.’’ Keep a log of your purchase to be in control of your wallet.  

Second, make a list when shopping for gifts and everyday items, this makes your trip more organized and enjoyable. Shopping becomes easier when we have to pick out certain gifts for certain people and it’s all written down first. 

Third, don’t feel obligated to buy everyone a gift. Discuss gift exchanges with your family and friends instead of buying a gift for everyone. You might not be the only one sticking to a budget. 

Lastly, preparation and planning are key when holiday shopping. Planning the year ahead or a couple of weeks in advance can help organize your holiday shopping. Also, using resources like your phone and or computer to keep up with the best deals. Use websites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Clark Deals to find the best prices when holiday shopping.  

Holiday shopping can be fun with the right tips and tricks during the holiday season! Remember the Holidays are about the ones you love and not about how many gifts you receive.