Opal Wins!


Abbie, Bridget, Val, Gavin, Avery and Jessie at the Summit

Kevin Deshler , Staff Writer

 WHB’S Opal is #1!

The Virtual Enterprise class placed first in the country in the 2022 Youth Summit Competition. Opal is the first online and on-wheels thrift store in Virtual Enterprise. 

Opal won 1st place in the National Business Plan Competition beating nearly 1,000 other VE firms throughout the country. The students presenters in this competition each won a Microsoft Surface touchscreen laptop. 

The Virtual Enterprise Summit is a week of activities that involves students from across the globe. The National Business Plan Competition, National Departmental Competitions, In-Person Trade Show, and Online Trade Shows are all events that make up the Youth Summit. 

According to advisor Mrs. Demchak, “Opal’s success is largely attributed to the students’ passion for the business concept that they developed from the ground up and, of course, their hard work. The team dedicated many lunch periods, study halls, extra help sessions and time after school to perfect their business plan and memorize their oral presentations.”

Additionally, Opal was awarded 3rd place in the National Quickbooks competition. Student presenters in this competition won an Echo speaker. These remarkable accomplishments will be a tremendous asset to these students’ resumes and have given them valuable connections in the business world.

Opal’s next step is to participate in the Virtual Enterprises spirit week in May and the National Annual Report Competition. They are also working on personal Digital Portfolios that they can use for college, scholarship applications, and future jobs and internships. Westhampton Beach High School students’ digital portfolios will also be showcased this summer at the National VE Teachers Conference at LIU Post. 

Congratulations to the student leaders:

  • Valerie Finke – CEO (chief executive officer)
  • Bridget Lopez – CMO (chief marketing officer)
  • Avery Allen – CLO (chief logistics officer)
  • Gavin Ehlers – CTO (chief technology officer)
  • Jessie Dunn – CPO (chief people officer)
  • Brooke Bertorello – CFO (chief financial officer)
  • James Daniels – Office Manager
  • Mason Sattler – Public Relations Specialist
  • Abbie Jarzombek – Marketing Specialist

Follow Opal on Instagram @opal.ve.

If you are interested in business or being a part of the Virtual Enterprise class, see your guidance counselor to find out more.