Students Get Ready for the Regents


With finals coming up, students at WHB need to start preparing for the big tests. The year has gone by so quickly and finals are quickly approaching. Here are the things you need to know about your upcoming tests. 

New York State creates the Regents schedule. After the schedules are distributed, the schools decide if they want the local tests to take place during school hours in class or during finals week.

At WHBHS, final exams count as 20% of your overall grade. Basically, it is counted as another quarter. Since the tests are a big part of your grade it’s important to stay strong until the end.

 To prepare, attend one of the many review sessions after school. To know what times and days they are, ask your teacher or look for flyers posted around the building inviting students to the sessions. 

Try out different studying techniques, too. Sophomore Makenzie Gilbride said, “I prefer to make a Quizlet for studying because it helps me learn the material faster.”

Be aware that during finals weeks, the school is open at the same time as a regular school day, however The only students that should be in the building are students taking a test or students that are with teachers for review sessions. 

Busses will be running the same because the middle school still has school. There will be buses after the exams to take students home. To know more about the bus schedule, look for an email or ParentSquare sent out regarding exact times.

Assistant principal Mr. Bookamer said the rules for final exams are the same for all testing: no earbuds, phones, Apple watches, or any communication devices.  If you’re seen with one your test will be invalid. 

Good luck to all the students taking Regents and finals this year!!