Student Section Hypes Up the Hurricanes


WHB student section during East Islip game, theme was whiteout

Sienna Macdonald and Shannon Killoran

Friday night lights at WHB are all about our Hurricanes. The WHB student section gets hype with their themes to show their support. 

Themes this year are selected by our own students of Student Government. According to the president of the club, Miller Brennan , themes are decided amongst the whole student government. Senior, Miller Brennan  said,“ We use Google forms so all members can vote fairly.” This year’s themes include : Blackout, Whiteout, Neon and USA.  

This year students have mixed feelings about the themes. Junior Katie Lanning said, “USA is my favorite theme and I really like the themes this year.” 

But not all the students  like it. Sophomore Lucas Renna said, “I didn’t like the themes this year such as neon. It is the hardest to get an outfit for.”

The student section is supposed to show our support and get the football team hype for home games. When students don’t participate in the themes, the student section isn’t supportive; it can affect the energy in a negative way.

If you have different ideas for school events such as football game themes, look to join student government. This club gets involved in the school clubs and shows your part in the WHB community.  

At the games, the stands can get crowded with all the students showing their support, junior Eva Abel said, “I think each grade should have a different section so the crowdedness can settle down.” Eva isn’t the only one who feels this way, many students around WHB agree. 

Friday night lights is for all students and families to get together and show support for our Hurricane football team. The students look forward to Friday night games so that they can express their love for their community and for their peers on the varsity football team.