Molly Brennan on Her Way to Stardom


Olivia Galway, Staff Writer

Molly Brennan used to rule the school at WHB. From starring in all of the theatre department productions to being co-president of student government, she had a packed schedule. Her schedule is even more filled now with her acting studies in NYC.

Molly has been acting since she was 8 years old and she spoke to me about how she knew she wanted to do it for the rest of her life. “Through every activity I did as a kid, this one stuck with me. I was always fascinated with the study of human behavior and being able to take on these ideals through storytelling to an audience.”

Her typical day in the city is packed. She said “My typical day looks a little like this: wake up at 8 and get ready for school, get to school by 9:30, maybe stop at the library, and then head to my first class of the day. Then to my next class. After school, I stop home for lunch. Then, I hop on the subway to head downtown to my nannying job. Here is usually where I squeeze in my homework. After work is over, I travel back uptown. Some nights I’ll have rehearsal or even an audition or callback. After that, I head home, make dinner and hang out with my three roommates. We usually watch a movie to end the day.”

Molly also spoke about the different opportunities that she has been exposed to since she got to go to school in Manhattan. Molly said that her Long Island schedule and her Manhattan schedules are totally different but still have the same amount of rigor. She also said that the city keeps up with her momentum and isn’t as slow paced as WHB is. 

Covid has affected her studies immensely. She said “I have to say, last year was ROUGH. Zoom school is no joke. But it taught me that if I can get through that, I can get through anything. Just knowing that I was able to still learn and grasp the techniques I was being taught, over a screen, proves to me that I’m stronger than I think. I’m so lucky to be in person now and that my school ensures that we are in a safe environment.”

 Molly continues to work on her craft and further her career in the acting world. Watch out for Molly Brennan because she is the next upcoming star.