Feasthampton, A Bite Off the Twin Forks


Hannah Donneson, Staff Writer

Brett Ryan, a WHBHS alumnus who graduated in 2013, has started her own food blog. A combination of her two favorite things, writing and food, “Feasthampton” has the inside scoop about the best places to eat on the East End.

A former staff writer for The Hurricane Eye, Brett first had the idea of becoming a journalist from watching the movie, Almost Famous. After her writing career in high school, she decided to go to Hunter College and majored in Media Studies. But after a semester, decided to come home and go to Suffolk County Community College. Recently, she completed her general credits.

Brett says, “There is career potential in blogging but it will definitely take some hard work.” To go public with Feasthampton, Brett had to make sure everything on the website was in order. Once that was all set up, she used Facebook, twitter, and Instagram to help spread the word.

Currently, Brett is taking the semester off to focus on the blog, and to see if it is the correct career.  She said, “I’ll have to continue to work hard, produce more content, learn more bout web design, and amass more of a following, but I could potentially make a living from blogging.”   Her main income on the blog would come from advertising. Juggling school, the blog, and work can be very difficult for someone Brett’s age.

Most of the support she gets is from friends and family spreading the word to others, and coming on trips with her to check out the restaurants/events.

Hopefully one day, Feasthampton will spread all over the island.

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