Featuring 2018 Graduate Frank Ragone

Featuring 2018 Graduate Frank Ragone

WHBHS Alumni, “THE” Frank Ragone, who graduated in 2018, is coming up in the local rap scene.  On November 3rd, we happened to stumble across a Hurricane legend, in his natural habitat, the turtle bridge at the one and only Quogue Wildlife Refuge.

At first, we were in disbelief that it was truly him and immediately wanted an autograph. We decided that WHBHS deserved to know what is currently going on in Frank Ragone’s life, therefore, we conducted an interview breaking down his past, the present, and plans for the future.

The interview began by speaking on Frank’s street cred and successful rap career. When brought up, he responded with, “meh”. He is ever so humble and will not let the fame go to his head.

According to Frank, music has always been something that he has cherished. He began playing the guitar at the age of 13 and then as he grew older, converted this passion into “trap” music. He claimed that this “kept him out of trouble” and allowed him to remain as a leading sound in a challenging trap scene.

One of his greatest inspirations throughout high school was English teacher, Mr. Frederick Walling, He said that Mr. Walling was, “the cornerstone of everything”. When asked about his favorite subject throughout high school, he said, “I was mad nice at English”.

When asked about his “opps” (enemies), he immediately goes at “Turbo Tax” and the way that they had wronged him. Although, the best-selling tax software, Turbo Tax is a major opp to Frank he said, “I don’t get a lot of opps right now, I’d like to say I live a pretty happy existence.”

Lastly, about his future, and w where he would see himself in 20 years from now, Frank said, “Well hopefully at some point I would love to get down to Florida and start to hunt down alligators.”