Mignone Meets Mexico


Emma on a shark dive in Hawaii

Chloe Mosher, Staff Writer

The idea of swimming with sharks may be scary for some, but it is Emma Mignone’s future. Between shark research and ocean conservation, Emma will have more hands-on experiences as an 18 year old than most people do in their whole lives. 

Emma will be heading to Valle de Bravo, Mexico, in September to stay with her family friend for a few days before she starts her internship in La Paz with Shark Research Mexico on October first. La Paz is known for whale sharks, Emma’s favorite type of shark.

Emma looks forward to learning more about other cultures and seeing what the world outside Westhampton Beach has to offer. She says, “Before I make a final decision for a major, I want to make sure I’m doing something that I really love.” She continued, “ I think that the internship will help me decide if this is a field I’m sure I want to go into.”

According to Shark Research Mexico’s website, they are the leading organization devoted to shark and ray research and conservation. They say, “Our belief is that constant scientific research together with education is the key driver to inspire long-term change and commitment to sustain an abundant & vibrant marine environment.”

Emma’s travels don’t just stop at Mexico. She says, “I’ll be spending some time in Puerto Rico and hopefully Panama in the new year. Eventually I’d like to travel to the Galapagos Islands, Brazil, Hawaii and Australia.”

We wish Emma the best of luck at her internship and safe travels!