Class of 2021 Valedictorian, Jacqueline Glaser

Class of 2021 Valedictorian, Jacqueline Glaser

Matthew Girard, Staff Writer

From valedictorian in middle school to valedictorian in high school, Jacqueline Glaser is once again at the top of her class. Jackie, who is from East Moriches, has worked hard for four years and all that hard work has just paid off.

Jackie has taken 13 AP classes, four college classes and her overall unweighted GPA is 99.87.

Out of all the classes she has taken her favorite classes were AP Psychology, AP Physics, and AP Literature. Jacqueline said, “The hardest class she took was AP Physics and the easiest and was Ceramics.”

Jackie said most of her motivation comes from her love of learning. “I feel that I have an intrinsic motivation because of my love of learning. I enjoy learning new things and I often research new topics outside of school. By paying attention and involving myself in-class discussion, I actually get invested and interested in the course material which makes it easier to learn and perform better on tests.”

Even with an extraordinary GPA, Jackie said she still wasn’t sure she would be the valedictorian. She said, “I was not confident that I’d be valedictorian, but it was always a goal in the back of my mind that I would work towards. Many of my friends and classmates are very intelligent and apply themselves in school, so I didn’t expect that I would actually be the valedictorian. “

In the future, Jackie is looking to work internationally. “I hope to have an international job that requires travel and interaction with cultures all over the world. Ideally, as of now, I would hope to be an international journalist that documents global current events.”

Congratulations to Jackie WHB class of 2021’s valedictorian!