Sophomore Looks Forward to Tennis Season


Benjamin Cooke, Staff Writer

Nick Chen, a sophomore at WHBHS, is a hardworking student who will be trying out for varsity tennis this upcoming spring. Tennis is Nick’s passion and he enjoys playing regularly, both with his friends and competitively.

Nick said, “I’m gonna practice and practice, try out for varsity tennis and hope for the best.” His doubles partner last year, Nile Reagan, said, “Nick’s been playing tennis with me since we were little, and I think Nick is gifted at tennis because he has been playing for so long.”

Nick’s teammate, Michael Tomaro said, “His determination and work ethic combined with natural talent has helped him improve majorly over the many years I’ve played with Nick.”

Nick and his teammates all believe that he has the talent, and determination to make varsity tennis.

Besides for tennis, Nick also enjoys editing videos in Photoshop. His favorite class is AP World with Mr. Fulham. Nick is sometimes bothered by his laziness and wants to become more active. Nick speaks English and Chinese fluently, but one thing that bothers Nick is when people make Asian stereotypes about him. Nick ignores it and stays positive.