Humans of WHB: Lucas Felix


Taylor Mathews, Staff Writer

Lucas Felix, a junior at WHB, captures his memories in photographs. He shares his memories online by posting on @venture.lens, his Instagram account with over 500 followers.

Though he grew up around art, he could never find his form of art until a trip to the Quogue Wildlife Refuge. This is when his journey really began. “I started taking pictures when my friend Jennifer brought me out to the Quogue Wildlife Refuge. My father had always been an artist, and he drew; I could never draw well but I discovered my own art in photography.”

To make sure he never forgets a memory, Lucas takes pictures of just about everything. “I take pictures of anything I can. It’s a fear of mine that I will make an outstanding memory, and one day I’ll forget it. So I take pictures of what is going on around me.”

Though, Lucas doesn’t post these pictures. “When it comes to what I post, that’s a different story. I typically only post what I feel resembles me as a person.”

Junior Alyssa Smith says she really enjoyed modeling for him. “Working with him was pretty good, we had so much fun for my photoshoot. I loved the outtakes of the photos. We chose a bunch of poses that suit me. We were proud, and I can’t wait to work with him again.”

Alyssa says when they were taking pictures, Lucas was very professional. “Lucas has a chill vibe, something very comfortable for him and people to be around.”

Kelsey Wilson, a sophomore who has also worked with Lucas, says his photos “are very inspiring and look like a lot of fun to create.” Her favorite thing about Lucas’ account is his unique captions. “He posts inspirational captions and his pictures create a good vibe whenever you see one.”

Follow Lucas’ Instagram @venture.lens to keep up with his latest work!