The rapper on the block,Yung Endling


Johnny Giraldo , Staff writer

WHB rapper and aspiring music producer, junior Julius Chay, aka “Yung Endling,” is making music for a unique reason.

Born and raised in Maryland, Chay was always up to helping his parents in the times of struggle. “I got into music because my parents were  struggling at the time and I wanted to work so I could help them. But they declined,” he said.

In feelings of helplessness, a bright idea of making music came to Chuy. He started seeing many rappers making music. Seeing them hit the right note to success inspired him to try to help his family. “ “I started seeing so many rappers make it big on Soundcloud and use the money to support their families. So right now, I’m trying to read a lot so I can have a extensive vocabulary and apply it to my music.”

Lyrics from his songs aren’t like any other songs. Since his songs come from the mind and heart. “I write about real things that happen in life or how people feel or speaking truth when I rap in the mic, and I’m having them lil peep vibes right now, but that don’t mean I won’t make a bumpin’ song once in awhile.”

He is also an improviser. With only a $20 mic for a recording studio, free editing software, and a closet full of clothes, Yung Endling still finds a way to make his music one of a kind and sends a messages through is his poetry.

You can now listen to his new track “Picasso” now on Soundcloud.