Sophomore Alex Sguazzin


Sal Donofrio, Student Editor, Staff Writer

If you’re a sophomore, you probably know who Alex Sguazzin is, but I wanted to find out more about this friendly and likeable guy.

In school, Alex’s favorite “subject” is lunch, and his least favorite is Applied Chem because he finds it difficult.  Apart from school subjects, his favorite thing about school is the people.

Some of his best friends are Patrick Greenseich and Kyle Helmke. Patrick has been friends with Alex since fourth grade, and describes him as “funny and outgoing.”  Kyle, who has known Alex since second grade, describes Alex as “fun to be around.”

Apart from being funny, friendly, and social, one of the things that makes Alex happiest is riding his unicycle and listening to Carrie Underwood, who he genuinely enjoys. Like most people, we have fears, but, Alex has… some peculiar fears of “men’s feet and the dark.”

Currently, Alex is employed at Island Cinemas in Mastic and Michelangelo’s in Eastport. He has previously worked at Prima Stella Restaurant in Manorville and Buoy One.

Alex remains positive even when his family situation isn’t exactly perfect. His parents are in the midst of a divorce.  Despite this, Alex has some wise words for the importance of family and quotes Vin Diesel, “You should always be there for them; you don’t turn your back on family, even when they do.”