No More Miserable Mondays!

No More Miserable Mondays!

Ryan Quinlan and Kayla Graves

Schools in Denver are testing a four day school week that is beneficial to the students and staff but comes with a lot of controversy.

The Colorado schools are saving money from cutting Monday due to less bussing, utilities and staffing. Also, the students are seeing major academic improvements on their math and reading scores. Although the school day did increase by an extra hour, kids said they enjoy having more time for play, rest and even to do homework on the Monday off. In Politics News, Alec Alvarez,  a third grader from Thimmig Elementary said, “The new day was kind of long but it was worth it.”

High schoolers are given an extra day to get caught up with homework and make more money for the future. A junior at Prairie View High said,“ I work up to 11 hours on Mondays at a nearby Buffalo Wild Wings to earn more money to pay for college.”

Teachers are loving the four day school week because it gives them time to prep for the week, and have an extra relaxation day.  A teacher said, “The extra day means no more grading papers on the weekends.” 

Although the staff, students, and schools are loving the four day school week, parents with younger children are struggling financially as they now need childcare during the day. 

We talked to some staff around WHBHS to see what they thought about a later start time or four day school week.  Assistant Principal Mr. Bookamer says he would love to switch to a four day school week, but supervision of younger kids is the biggest issue.  He said, “Later start times are a problem because if you start an hour late, you end an hour later, and then what happens with the elementary and middle school?”

For now Westhampton Beach High School students are going to stick with the five day school week, so we will have to make the most out of the weekend and sit through miserable Mondays.