Friday Night Lights- Themes Show Off School Pride

Abby Gobler, Staff Writer

 It’s a typical Friday at Westhampton Beach High School and the students are not so patiently awaiting the night ahead.  A night filled with rooting for their friends and classmates who dominate the turf. Students arrive prepared with homemade signs in hand, cheers memorized, and of course their themed attire.

With a football team as good as the WHB Hurricanes it’s hard for students not to be oozing school spirit on game day. Especially with all of the excitement coming from the student section of the bleachers. 

WHBHS’s football games are made special by our student section’s newly adopted tradition of themed attire.  According to Molly Brennan, co-president of student government, the football game themes were collectively decided on by the entire student government. This season’s themes include: Hurricane pride, Hawaiian, red white and blue, and white out.  

 At a Friday night game it is typical the entire student body in decked out in that week’s themed attire from head to toe.  The point of these themes is to bring the student body together as a community at our football games. 

Since the student section of the bleachers is typically separated into sides- underclassmen and upperclassmen- themes bring the student body together. It offers a sense of unity among classmates that might not typically know each other. 

 Maureen Duffy, a WHBHS junior, feels the themes are a big hit.“I like the themes. They make everyone participate and show off school spirit.”

Newsday sports reporter Greg Sarra, after attending last Friday’s game, tweeted, “Westhampton has the best HS atmosphere of any school on LI!”

Friday night lights at Westhampton Beach High School are an integral part of the community where all of the students come together to support each other and our one-of-a-kind football team.