Searching For Redemption

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Searching For Redemption

Maureen Duffy, Staff Writer

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Searching for redemption, the WHB girl’s lacrosse team is improving everyday to earn a spot back in the county finals.  

After falling to Mt. Sinai last year in the county championship, the girls have a new found motivation for success.  Last season, the team lost seven seniors, all of whom had a vital role on the team.

This opened up many positions for new players.  The 2019 team consists of 13 returners and seven new additions.  The returning seniors, Lindsay Rongo, Hollie Schleicher, Paige Rignola and Anna McCarthy are the driving force behind the team.  Other returning starters consist of juniors Belle Smith (Boston College commit) and Toni Cashman and sophomores Maureen Duffy, Jackie Amato, and Giana Murphy.

Hollie talked about being a leader on the team. “It feels really cool to know that I can act as a leader on and off the field.  I’m glad I can make an impact on the younger girls for the team and the ones coming up in the program because I know firsthand what it feels like to have a positive role model to look up to.”  Hollie will continue her lacrosse career at Boston College with her cousin Belle Smith.

In the first non-league game of the 2019 season Belle scored her 200th goal.  This is a huge accomplishment considering Belle is only a junior. She has been a contributing member of the team since 7th grade.  

Many members of the girls lacrosse team at WHB were selectively classified.  Maureen was pulled up in 7th grade and Lindsay, Giana and Taylor were all brought to the team in 8th grade.  

Lindsay said, “Being on the team since 8th grade, I can easily walk in the younger girl’s shoes.  I always felt more comfortable when I had someone cheering for me and telling me it’s not a big deal when I made a mistake, so I try to do the same for the younger girls.”

In order to complete all of their goals this season, the girls must come together, the returners must take in the newbies, and the team must work as one to get back to the county championship.                  

Go cheer on our Lady Hurricanes Thursday, March 28th at the turf when they take on Kings Park.