Jump into Spring Fashion with WHB


Juniors, Frankie Derby (left) and Katie Baker (right)

Kayla Hughes, Staff Writer

With the weather getting warmer, WHB’s style is heating up. Social media is doing its usual influencing of new spring trends like cowboy boots, maxi skirts, and baggy jeans.

Social media is seeing less of patterns and more of textures. To achieve this look you need crocheted clothes, denim, sequins, and leather. For colors, spring ‘23 consists of orange, lavender, white, pastel pink, and lime green.

Spring ‘22 trends featured lots of interesting patterns such as floral print, tropical print, lines, and retro patterns. A lot of chunky jewelry and mini dresses.

This year, the “clean girl” look is trending, which has a minimalistic vibe and neutral colors.

Two of WHB’s most fashionable students, juniors, Katie Baker and Frankie Derby, gave their opinions and advice on fashion.  Katie said “Some of my favorite stores to shop at are Zara, H&M, Aerie, and Abercrombie.” She describes her style as “cute but basic.” 

Frankie has a different approach to fashion. She describes her style as “preppy but wanting to be edgy.” 

What We Want To See Less Of This Year.

Katie wants to see less of is Urban Outfitters corset tops. “It’s just not the vibe this spring, so last year. I also think the jorts trend should be a crime.”

“I hate cow print and Lulu Lemon with jeans, cause they’re both just so ugly and no one should be seen in public wearing that,” says Frankie.

What We Want To See More Of This Year.

With the remaining months, Katie Baker said, “matching sets definitely, it just makes putting an outfit together so easy and so cute, also long dresses. For every single occasion. Every single day.”

 Frankie wants to see more blazers; she says, “They’re edgy and I love dressing edgy.”

Fashion icons for this Spring:

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