And the 2022 Mr. and Mrs. Hurricane are…


Kayla Hughes and Grace LoGelfo

Noah Hebberd and Delaney Fay!

On September 23 Noah Hebberd and Delaney Fay were crowned as the 2022-2023 Mr. and Mrs. Hurricane.

Being nominated and chosen for Ms. Hurricane came as a shock to Delaney. She said, “I did not have confidence. I was excited for all of the nominees and thought any of us could have won”

As for Noah, he knew he had Mr. Hurricane in the bag. Noah said, “On the day of the pep rally, after hearing who people were voting for, I had a pretty good idea that I would win. I had a lot of support from the senior class with people saying they wanted me to win.”

This year’s nominees were Emily Galovic, Delaney Fay, Emily Tully, Sam Schaumloffel, Laurette Schaumloffel, Miller Brennan, Jack Schultz, Gavin Vander Shaaf, Noah Hebberd, Ryan Knieriemen.

To be nominated, candidates must have not only good grades but also school spirit, partake in extracurricular activities, show leadership, and act as a good citizen. To eliminate the popularity contest, the nominees are chosen by teachers and then the senior class will vote on who they would like to win.

Not only did Delaney win Ms. Hurricane, but her mom, WHBES teacher Megan Fay, also was crowned as Homecoming Queen exactly 30 years ago in 1992. Delaney said, “I thought it was really cool that my mom won this position. I loved looking through the pictures of her and she was so excited which made me even more excited.” 

Congratulations Delaney and Noah!