Freshmen Feeling Familar


Maureen Duffy, Staff Writer

The freshmen have made it through their first half of high school and are just starting to fit in.  As the class of 2022 is midway through their first year at WHBHS, we look to see if their expectations were reached.

Moving into the high school is a big deal, especially entering as the youngest, the bottom of the food chain.  Freshmen normally come from either the WHB or East Moriches middle school. Having older siblings definitely helps the process, agreed Olivia Rongo.  Olivia has an older sister, Lindsay in 12th grade. This made the process of moving into a new environment much more manageable.

When asked what their first impressions of the high school were, EMO natives Jessie Dunn and Kate Ryan both compared it to their middle schools.  Jess said, “We have a lot more freedom than we did before and the school is a lot bigger.”

Olivia, who is a three sport athlete, said “I’m really psyched about the amount of school spirit there is, and how everyone shows up to home games.”

Along with the new environment the freshman are holding themselves up to high standards.  When asked what their goals were for this year, all three girls, Jessie, Kate and Olivia, said good grades.  Doing this comes along with the challenge of balancing school and sports. Jessie and Kate are both currently on the winter track team, and Olivia is on the varsity basketball team.

Along with moving into a new school comes many expectations.  Jessie admitted she did not anticipate the increase in curriculum difficulty,  while Kate’s biggest struggle is “waking up early and getting home late with lots of homework.”  Olivia was pleasantly surprised as she expected the upperclassmen to be more closed off and reserved than they proved to be.     

We wish the class of 2022 good luck in their high school experience!