Cove and Writing Studio Relocated!


Kayla Hughes, Staff Writer

WHBHS Writing Studio and Cove have been relocated!  The library is the new home of the writing studio, while the Cove moved to a classroom down the hall.

High school librarian Mrs. Tunstead said, “We’ve been considering the move from room 219 to the library for a number of years. We felt that the location in the library would be more central for students and easier to access during lunch periods than room 219”

Tunstead also expressed her excitement about new additions that will be coming to the library with the recently passed bond vote.  “I’m looking forward to the library updates, and I think that collaborative workspaces and newer comfortable/functional furniture would be welcome additions.”

The Cove, which used to be located in the library, is now in room 117. The Cove was brought to WHBHS when special education teacher, Mrs. Hansson, visited a store similar to this at Southampton High School. The Cove allows students to get an experience of running a business, handling customer service, and marketing. Math students assisted in pricing products.

At the Cove, people can buy snacks (granola bars, cookies, Rice Krispies, fruit snacks), drinks (Gatorade, iced tea, water, hot chocolate, Hampton Coffee), gum, chapstick, deodorant, batteries for calculators, chargers, Hurricane gear (cups, water bottles, shirts, phone cases, phone pop-its), ornaments, and gift tags.

The Cove is cash only at the moment but Mrs. Hansson is planning on accepting cards in the future.

“My favorite part about the Cove is that it is a place for students to come and meet new people!” says Mrs. Hansson.

The Writing Studio has been part of WHBHS since 2015. It was created to aid students in writing assignments for class, college essays, and anything else. It is a great way for students to get  one on one attention and feedback from English teachers. The Writing Studio is open before school from 7:00 to 7:30, periods 2 through 7, and after school during extra help Monday through Thursday. 

Every appointment is 12 minutes. Appointments can be made through “Calendly”, which can be found on the Writing Studios Google Classroom.

All of the sessions were held in room 219, now they are all in the Library, with the exception of extra help appointments. The appointments made in extra help will be held in the English teacher’s classroom. 

Go visit the Writing Studio, Cove, and library and check out their new locations!