Hurricane Watch, June 2, 2023




to view period 6’s final show.


Period 6’s FINAL SHOW.

Director: Riley M

Producer: Amanda S

Packages: Advice to Younger Self, Then and Now, Underclassmen Shoutouts, 20 year Reunion, Senior Music Video

Period 6: Zach Bennett, Isabella Blanco, Kristina Cavaliere, Emily Cooper, Marcella Fitzgerald, Evan Halloran, Kaden MacKay, Reilly Mahon, Gabby Mendoza, Avery Merrihew, Emma Mignone, Kade Murphree, Shane O’Brien, Bea O’Connor, AJ O’Henry, Logan Rodgers, Amanda Shanon, Raquel Shemet, Emily Tully, Ethan Vogt