Get outside and GOLF!


Connor Rodgers , Staff Writer

It’s time to get outside and find some new activities to do. A great activity to try is golf,  a sport that’s been growing in popularity. Golf is a great way to compete with friends or family in a peaceful manner. The sport can be expensive but many fun memories come from playing.

This sport it becomes pretty costly because the clubs and balls are expensive. If you get the right clubs it can be worth it. According to WHB golfer Logan Rodgers,”Either Titleist or TaylorMade” are the best clubs to purchase.

Online websites claim that Callaway clubs are the best, specifically the Rogue ST Pro set. Websites also claim that Titleist 620 CB irons are the best set to purchase. With the clubs, you will also need golf balls and Pat Fay believes,”Titleist Pro V1” is the best ball to use on the course.  Online resources also claim that the ball “Titleist Pro V1 is the best to use.”

With the expensive clubs and balls, next is deciding where to play? You can go to a local course to play a quick easy round for a good cheaper price. Or, head to a nicer, more prestigious golf course but it would most likely cost a lot more than going to a local cheap course. The best courses on Long Island are,” Shinnecock Hills, Southampton, (the venue for five U.S. Opens. National Golf Links of America), and Fishers Island course.” These courses are extremely prestigious and cost a lot of money to get yourself a reservation to play 9 or 18 holes.

Local inexpensive golf courses are also fine to play. Rodgers recommends,” I usually play Rock Hill but the country club is way better, and that where I played for the school team.”

These local courses are really nice but the Westhampton Country Club is a private club and needs a membership in order to play. The most affordable local golf course is Indian Island in Riverhead which only costs around $20 to play.

Golf is a great way to get outside and kick back with some friends. The sport also gets you involved with nature in a stress-free environment. You can also play competitive golf and bet on a game with friends, to see who can hit the best on the course. It can be quite costly, but it depends on what clubs you purchase and where you decide to play but it is worth the money.