First Little League Day, a Success!


Ashley Erbis, Staff Writer

The WHBHS Varsity softball team is guiding the Little Leaguers with the future of being a player on the team when they get older.  On May 12th the team hosted the first annual Little League Day, celebrating the mini Hurricanes before the last regular season game. Each Little League team had the chance to walk with one of the varsity softball players and participate in pre-game festivities. 

Little League Day couldn’t have happened without freshman Addison Celi. She said, “Around December, I started giving lessons to little league kids to share my knowledge of the game. Those lessons really made me realize that we are playing for something bigger than ourselves. The way the little girls talk about how they want to be just like us one day is amazing. It made me do something special for them to let them know that they can do it.” 

Addison, the day’s announcer, assigned a varsity player with each Little League team and organized the event, on top of focusing on our last regular season game against Miller Place.    

The purpose of EELL was to show support for our present and future varsity players. Little League Day is important for so many reasons. Celi says, “I think it is so important for the girls to see what they are working towards and that they can make it too. The message that I wanted to convey was, we were all like you once and you all can get there. It’s also important for them to watch some high-level ball. Girls that learn the game early are very successful players.” 

The youth softball program has grown since its start in 1974. Right now, there are 12 teams in the little league, which is the most teams in softball history for East End Little League. There are two major teams, two minors, five coach pitch, and three T-ball teams.