Powderpuff 2022: Seniors take the W


Nicholas Rizzo, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, December 7, the powderpuff game was held on the turf.  The annual game, which puts senior girls vs. junior girls in a game of flag football, is held to raise money for the student government’s adopt-a-family.

The seniors reclaimed the trophy by defeating the juniors. Senior Amanda Shannon won MVP for the second year while junior Katie Baker, who had two touchdowns of her own, couldn’t hold up against the tough seniors.

Amanda, who was the senior QB, felt her team had good chemistry.  She said, “I feel like we worked really well as a team. Everyone contributed to the team. We definitely distributed the ball more and were more hype and excited than the juniors. Winning MVP again was really exciting for me.” 

Unfortunately, even with Katie Baker adding all of that firepower the juniors could not hold up. Katie added two interceptions along with her two touchdowns. She said, “We played a good game. We definitely needed more practice and to understand the rules a little better to have a shot at beating them.”

With a close score of 24-16, the game was heated.

Referee, junior Kevin Smith, said, “The seniors for sure dominated in the second half of the game. I think I called a good and fair game. I also feel that the seniors had some biased and sketchy calls that didn’t seem fair.”

Junior Chloe Mosher said, “The refs got a little too mad and the girls didn’t really care how the game was being called; they just wanted to play.”

This year’s powderpuff game had a huge turnout raising nearly $700 for adopt-a-family. Come to support next year’s game and see if the juniors can reclaim the victory!