Boys Soccer Looking To Rebuild


The boys soccer team after clinching a playoff spot.

Montgomery Hahn, Staff Writer

 After a successful ‘22 season, the boy’s soccer team is looking to rebuild for next year.  

Coach Hoyt said the team is going to need chemistry and team bonding activities if we want to end up making a run next year. 

The team is losing 15 players to graduation. The boys are going to have to find new leaders. One of the captains of the varsity team, senior Kade Murphree, was named to Newsday’s Top 100 player Nomination in his final year. He said, “It is an honor that I can represent the school in such a great way.”

Coach Hoyt also said, ‘We’re going to need to go hard in practice every single day if we want to succeed next year.”

Another captain on the team, senior Ethan Vogt, said, “Junior Montgomery Hahn and sophomore Lincoln O’Connell will lead the team next year.  They have a strong presence on the ball and are good leaders.”

Working together as a team and bonding will be another focal point of the team’s success next year.  Vogt said, “Overall the team is going to need to work on bonding and  getting good chemistry if they want to make a run next year.“

Some good news for next year’s outlook is the JV team had a 9-1 record this season.  We look forward to seeing if the 2023 team can take it as far or farther than this year’s team.