New Turf Needed; Depends on Bond Vote


The WHB turf on October 17, 2022.

Reese King and Brody Schaffer

The Westhampton Beach High School 12-year-old turf is due for an update, and the bond vote on October 19th can make that happen. 

The WHB turf was installed in 2010 and it needs some obvious fixing up. The life expectancy of artificial turf is 8 years, and the WHB turf is 12-years-old. There are many uneven spots on the high-traffic areas of the turf that are dangerous for athletes. 

Many student-athletes, like 2022 WHB graduate Geoff Arrasate, have gotten hurt while on the turf. Geoff tore his ACL on the turf playing lacrosse last season. Geoff said, “I do think that the turf had a part to play in what happened. From what I’ve learned turf has a slightly higher chance of causing knee injuries than grass and the difference only grows larger as the turf gets older.” 

Geoff also did some research of his own about the turf and why it needs updating. “There are metal stakes in the turf that you can feel while running and patches of new turf trying to repair old turf spots are sticking out, making it even more dangerous.”

The bond vote on October 19th is taking place 7AM to 9PM in the High School LGI. The bond is for $33 million, while $4 million is for the athletic department’s improvements. If the vote passes, the turf, track, concession stand, press box, and bleachers will be updated. 

In an interview last week, superintendent Dr. Probst said, “The potential new turf will be installed as soon as possible this upcoming summer.”  

She also mentioned how there will be updates made to the bleachers and press box along with the turf. The home bleachers will have “additional seating and  the press box and concession stand will be completely redone and redesigned.”

The concession stand will be separate from the bleachers unlike how it is currently and the press box will now be located above the bleachers.

We hope to see the Westhampton Beach community members support the bond on October 19th so we can once again enjoy a safe athletic field.