Key Club Kindness


Key Club Members at the last bake sale.

Aine Byrne, Staff Writer

The WHB Key Club is doing good for the community by hosting bake sales every Thursday to raise money for Adopt-A-Family.  The money raised is going to be used to purchase holiday gifts for local families. 

Key Club’s involvement with Adopt-a-family is a through Mrs. Kalisak, a Key Club leader along with Mrs. Russell.  Key Club has always been heavily involved in community service and this is just one of their projects to serve the community.  

Bake sales allow many members to participate.  “We have members that bake or donate yummy treats, we have members that help set up and make announcements, and we have members that help sell the baked items after school,” said Mrs. Russell. “Bake sales allow our members to work collaboratively for a common cause and contribute what they can to help others.” 

Last year, COVID affected the ability to have these bake sales, but this year has seen a successful return.  Mrs. Russell said, “This year, we are grateful not only for the return of our favorite money-raising activity but also for the generosity of students and staff – this year’s sales have been the most successful in our club’s recorded history!”  

With all the help from eager students, Key Club is able to have effective bake sales.  Key Club thanks you for the support!