Spirit Week Returns


Jordan Profeta, Staff Writer

With the homecoming game on Friday, October 8th, Westhampton Beach’s first Spirit Week in two years took place, and lots of school spirit was spread throughout the building. 

The spirit week days consisted of Jersey Day, Country vs. Country Club, Pink Day, Holiday Day, and Class Color/Toga Day. 

Junior Emily Galovic said that this year’s spirit week was perfect. She said, “I was happy about the Spirit Week choices because I felt everyone was capable of dressing up and it’s definitely more fun when everyone gets involved.” 

Junior Caroline Eliot disagreed however, and felt that repetitive days should be changed once and for all. She said, “I would have changed Jersey Day because we do it every year and I feel like we can change it up and get a better day.”

Samantha Schaumloffel, junior class president, gave an insight on Spirit Week.”We chose spirit week days by people proposing ideas and everyone in the club voted for the ones they wanted. Other themes that were considered were Cities, Candy’s, Countries and Games.”

This year wasn’t only the first pep rally in two years, it was our sophomore class’ very first pep rally, even though it is their second year in high school. Sophomore Haley Waszkelewicz said, “I’m very excited and I am happy that I will finally got to experience it.”

With a change to pep rally this year, the event being held outside, senior Hannah Hendrickson said, “I liked it because when it was in the gym it was really crowded and some people didn’t even fit on the bleachers, plus we could take our masks off too.”

At the pep rally. Mr. and Miss Hurricane 2021 was announced.  Mr. Hurricane is Dan Stark and Miss Hurricane is Avery Allan.  They were nominated by teachers and voted on by the Class of 2022.

Spirit Week ended with the football team securing their first win of the season at our homecoming game against Deer Park.