Home but Not Forgotten

Home but Not Forgotten

Emily Schmidt, Staff Writer

 It’s been 365 days of students learning virtually at home through screens. How did they do it? How were their grades affected?  

Remote students had to learn through Zoom calls, Google Meets, and assignments posted to Google Classroom this year. Managing school work in the comfort of your own home can be a challenging thing, especially without a proper classroom and teacher in front of you. 

Junior Sophia Mangiameli, who worked remotely most of this year, stated, “I really liked the remote because it forced me to pay attention and take the initiative to do my work everyday on my own.” To keep up with school work virtually, a student needs to be dedicated and self-driven.

For many, this new way of learning created a positive, unique way of  and discipline. Junior Eleanor Arena stated, “It was challenging but I was able to keep up with my workload. I had to discipline myself and make sure I was putting in the extra time to study and absorb the information. I found myself somewhat self teaching. It worked out though because I made the principal’s honor roll each quarter and had very high grades throughout the year.”

This was definitely a challenging year for everyone and especially students and teachers. The teachers deserve great recognition for juggling not only a classroom, but their remote students. Each and every teacher checking in on the students at home really helped, always involving them no matter in person or through the screen. As for next year the hopes are for every WHB student to be back in person full time.

This new way of life and learning this past year was an experience and full of lessons. We learned how teaching and learning is possible in more ways than one. Whether you stuck it out in school all year, stayed at home, or taught, everyone deserves recognition for their hard work and dedication this year. After a fun, relaxing summer ahead of us, WHBHS will come back stronger than ever!