Daniel Nags and his Sausage Dog


Danny (right) with his older brother Jack and his Dachshund Maverick

Loris van Vlodrop and Deegan Laube

WHBHS Juniors Loris van Vlodrop and Deegan Laube have teamed up to locate and interview junior Daniel Logan Naglieri, otherwise known as “Danny.”

Danny is not only a top tier student but an extremely talented lacrosse player as well. His hobbies include playing golf, going to the gym, hanging out with his dog, and watching the New York Giants.

Danny is a very familiar name in the WHBHS hallways and it was only a matter of time before we tracked him down and conducted an in-depth interview. Locating Danny was the most difficult part since he is very unpredictable. Luckily, we saw him leaving school and followed him leading us to interview him at his local gym, Body 5 Fitness.

We began the interview by asking him about who inspires him, in which he answered, “Daniel Jones, the New York Giants quarterback is my inspiration because he gets hated on so much and keeps persevering while having great class.”

Danny predicts, “Daniel Jones is the future as long as he can perform well next year with a decent group of receivers and a healthy Saquon.”

Danny’s two favorite things are his Daschund called “Maverick” and egg sandwiches.  He says that his dog, Maverick is “very smart.”  He goes up to her and says the word “beach” and she immediately runs to the door. Maverick is the joy of Danny’s life.

When asked if he enjoys bacon on his egg sandwich, he said, “I’m more of a sausage guy” which serves to the common theme, since Maverick is considered a “sausage dog.”

In addition, we asked Danny about how he got into lacrosse, he responded with, “My Dad used to play in college and always told me to have the mentality to work hard.”

To find out additional information about Danny we interviewed Danny’s father, Ralph Naglieri.  When describing Danny’s love for the New York Giants, he stated, “He borders on obsessive, it could ruin his whole day, his whole family’s day, and completely takes over, after my grandfather with the Yankees.”

Speaking on Danny’s greatest attributes his father said, “I love his sense of humor and his excellent work ethic” and sees him in “some sort of field in business in the future.”

We wrapped up the interview with Danny’s Brother, 2020 grad, Jack Naglieri who compared Danny to “Mr. Crabs” as he believes he resembles him.

Jack gave a glimpse of life with Danny by saying, “He screams at the TV when playing Madden and likes to bite the dog, but affectionately.”

Both family members are very proud of him and believe he will achieve great things. Daniel Naglieri is a proper Hurricane.