Playing Games With Your Grades

Playing Games With Your Grades

Matthew Girard, Staff Writer

With the addition of remote learning, kids now have the deal with the distraction of video games interrupting learning. Since many WHB students are now either fully remote or in hybrid learning, are their grades suffering because they are distracted by video games?

I interviewed several WHB students about if video games were affecting their school work. I wanted to see how many hours students spent playing video games and how many hours they spend on school. I got an average of 8 hours spent playing video games and an average of 3 hours spent on school.

After I got the averages of the two, I had to ask them if being home and playing video games was distracting and affecting their grades. One student, WHB senior Onur Ozturk, said, “I don’t think that video games are causing me to be less engaged in school or making my grades worse because I would still consider myself to be engaged in school, and my grades are fine. I feel like there are far more other things than video games that can hinder my ability to do good in school while having regulated levels of stress.” 

Junior Louis Mattiolo, said, “No, not really other than occasionally playing a game till 2 in the morning. It is relatively easy to pay attention and deal with my school work.”

One of the students I interviewed, Justin Perez had a tip for students that played video games. He said, “ If you have a good routine for school, you will never see your grade be affected.” It seems that students have adapted to remote learning, and maybe it’s not video games that’s affecting their grades.