Is Covid-19 still an issue?

Is Covid-19 still an issue?

Jake Sidor, Staff Writer

2020 will always be remembered as the year of Covid-19, but as we move closer to 2021, the chances of this being a problem for another year is becoming more likely.

As of December 11 2020, the world had a death total of 1.59M due to Covid-19. The US alone has had over 300,000 deaths in total because of it, and has also recently hit a record high of 3,000 deaths in one day due to Covid-19. 

With this high amount of deaths due to Covid in the U.S right now, the idea of us going into another lockdown is possible. People have mixed feelings about lockdown, some arguing that it goes against our human rights, and that we should fight against it. Others agree with it, seeing it as a way to get rid of Covid-19 for good, (or at least getting it under control for a while).

Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson began a second national lockdown for England from November 5th to December 2nd. When lockdown began, England had about 24,000 cases of Covid. This number grew slowly over the next few days until November 12, where it reached a high of 33,000 cases. Over the course of the next 24 days though, the amount of cases in England rapidly dropped down to a low of 13,000 cases on December 1. The amount of cases decreased by 20,000 during the course of the lockdown

Another solution to Covid-19 is a vaccine. On December 11 2020, the U.S Food and Drug Administration approved Pfizer’s vaccine for distribution On December 14th 2020, the U.S distributed their first vaccine shots in Queens NY. This made the U.S the fourth country to authorize the vaccine after Canada, the UK and Bahrain. Although much of the public is planning on getting the Covid vaccine following its release, many people fear the vaccine may show effects in the future, we could not have predicted ahead of time.