Collecting Sports Equipment to Help Those in Need


Loris van Vlodrop, Junior at WHBHS and LPF Ambassador

Diving deep into the realm of sports and charity with Leveling the Playing Field with the goal to bring a sports equipment drive to the Hamptons.

Leveling the Playing Field (LPF) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2013 by founder Max Levitt created as a response to the growing inequity between those who can afford to play sports and those that cannot.

Max Levitt, realized the volume of equipment that goes to waste from elementary school-aged kids, all the way up to professional sports franchises, and, as a result, decided to develop, essentially, a food bank for sports equipment.

One of LPF’s most prominent representatives, Kaitlin Brennan, shared what the organization is about.

Brennan explained that some of her memorable moments and highlights with LPF all begin with the people. She said, “I think both the people and the positivity are the highlight of my work with LPF. I have the opportunity to regularly meet some of the most interesting, dedicated people through collection events, volunteer sessions at the warehouse, and distribution visits.” Brennan is very enthusiastic about the way LPF resonates with people and is extremely grateful to be constantly surrounded by such positivity.

Donations are an important key to LPF. According to Brennan, “Regardless of size or type – your donation of used/extra sporting equipment could make a real impact on the life of a kid in need. In many under-resourced communities, the dedicated teachers/coaches and curious kids are already in place. The only barrier to getting kids on the field is the exorbitant cost of sporting equipment. Your in-kind or financial donation allows LPF to provide free equipment resources to programs in need and ensure that every kid can play.”

There is a major interest in bringing my own LPF collection drive to the Hamptons. Kaitlin explained how much of an impact these drives can make. “There are so many ways to help LPF, whether it be running a collection drive with fellow classmates, organizing a fundraiser for LPF, or simply helping build awareness of LPF within your own community. Student-athletes can easily tap into their classmates, teammates, family members, neighbors, etc., they often have incredibly successful collection drives.”

The sports equipment drive will start at the beginning of January in the Hamptons Keep your eyes and ears open for the announcements of where and when the sports equipment will be collected. Begin gathering your extra sports equipment and spread the word. Stay tuned!