Final Year Falling Apart


Gail Drange, Emily Schmidt

COVID-19 is affecting all of us in many different ways, but WHBHS seniors are missing out on a lot more than all of us: the coveted senior year.  We may be in school even if it’s part time, but the traditional events that last year at WHBHS so memorable are not happening.

Football games at WHBHS are not only fun and important for the players but for the cheerleaders, parents, students, and fans. The community is disappointed to see no fall football season with the stands packed with students cheering on the boys.

 No normal spirit week and homecoming. No pep rally. Senior Cameron Maxwell says, “School spirit is really lacking.” The overall spirit of our school as a whole just isn’t the same. 

 Senior Joey Colucci says, “It’s just not the  same having some of my friends on different days and not getting to see them.”   Many students feel school isn’t as fun because they don’t get to see all of their friends on the same days anymore.

 To make the graduating Class of 2021 have a normal feeling senior year, we need to remember that this year is not “normal.” But we don’t have to stay negative and suppress our school spirit during this pandemic. This year can still be memorable for our seniors.

 Join WHBHS intramural sports you’re getting to continue your sport through the program and you will be able to play with all your friends, even the ones you don’t get to see in the halls everyday.  

According to the student government, who just started meeting again, Spirit week is approaching November 30th to December 11th. It may not be the “normal” but it’s what we can do and a way to make this time positive rather than negative. 

Although this year may be difficult for our seniors, keep hope. No matter what circumstances our school and community will do everything they can to make your last year count.