Relearning How to Learn

Relearning How to Learn

Jack Cumisky, Staff Writer

Students are still adapting to the unusual way of education which is online learning. Many people have never really had to do online work and this has caused some problems with students and teachers.

Compared to last year around this time the difference is almost unbelievable.  In November 2019 we enjoyed normal sports and normal days of school. Now because of COVID everything is unusual. English teacher Mrs. Mett said, “It is definitely more challenging this year.  Teachers are required to engage students at home and in person. It takes much more time to plan and grade assignments.” 

Sophomore Aidan Mcauley feels it was difficult to keep with school work during online learning  he said, “Sometimes the teachers are going fast and it’s hard to find the work and it’s also hard getting on Google meets.”

All though some students have struggled with online learning some haven’t felt that big of a difference in their academics.  Sophomore Jack Kelly said, “I do not believe online school has affected my grades,  but it has taken a little getting used to with the assignments and video calls.” 

WHBHS will continue with assignments and video calls on students’ remote days. Teachers continue to be understanding about the adjustment considering it is a new normal, and teachers themselves have to get used to it as well.