COVID-19 Rise Brings New Restrictions


Lucas Giacchetto, Staff Writer

An uprise in COVID-19 cases after Halloween in NYS has caused Governor Cuomo to impose new restrictions, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Restaurants, gyms and anywhere alcohol is served, including private gatherings is where all the new cases are coming from.  Gatherings must have no more than 10 people and it must end by 10pm. Cuomo feels these restrictions will help to stop the wave.

This is due to the positivity rate recently being above 3% on Long Island; this summer it was less than 1%.

In NYC a 3 % infection rate will indefinitely close schools.

As of 11/11/20, Newsday reported a statewide total of nearly 8,000 students and staff that tested positive for COVID-19.

Students at WHB are looking forward to seasons starting in the new year, and this could be looked at as a setback. For junior Molly McCarthy, who is looking forward to her basketball season starting January 4th, this increase in cases is scary. “I’m worried I won’t be able to finish my seasons two years in a row.”  Last year the LIC was cancelled in March due to Coronavirus.

Hopefully we can all work together to get our rates back down and get us all back together in school.  Keep guidelines in mind when you are attending gatherings so we can keep doing the things we love.