Clubs Cautiously Continue


Matt Girard, Staff Writer

 Students at WHBHS are concerned that COVID-19 restrictions will take the fun out of after school clubs. 

In the past WHBHS has had a variety of clubs available for the student body to join. It is an opportunity to join a club that you find interesting, fun, and to be among others who share your interest.   This year’s freshman class will have missed out on that experience.  So it begs the question, how can we make clubs fun and safe for everyone?

The restriction of not being able to meet after school in person leaves clubs to meet virtually. This leaves the advisors and officers of these clubs to get creative. They will have to come up with ideas that will get people involved and engaged with each other virtually but still have fun. 

So far, the approved clubs include Student Government, Yearbook, Youth to Youth, Robotics, Interact, Key Club, Concert Band,Performing Band, Performing Chorus, Business Advisory Board, Fall Play, GSA. National, Math, Science, and Music Honor society as well.                                         

To have fun virtually, Mrs Kalisak, Key Club advisor, said, “This year Key club will have to think outside the box when it comes to engaging the club. We don’t know what the limitations are to what activities and events we can do.”

Key Club is based on leadership and community service. I serve as the president of Key Club, and in the past we always tried to make service to others fun.  We would get together after school and make brown bagged lunches for the homeless, something we cannot do this year because of the Covid restrictions. We are working on other ways to help them this year.

In this new era of Covid where there are so many in need of help, we are hoping to find ways to serve our community in the spirit of Key Club and other clubs. There is a club for everyone, find one and join one!