Will There be a Senior Soccer Season?

Will There be a Senior Soccer Season?

Ella Dunathan, Staff Writer

 Seniors are hoping for one last soccer season in the fall of 2020 but, there is a chance there isn’t one due to COVID-19.  There are four options that could be possible for the upcoming season. 

The first option is the virus goes away completely, and sports occur like usual. This is the most ideal option for all fall sport players. But we cannot predict that this will happen in time for fall sports.

The second option is the virus is controlled enough that games go on like usual, but there are no spectators allowed to attend to prevent people from not social distancing in the stands. The third option is that schools go forward with fall sports, but the virus is hanging around in some areas then virus-related interruptions are possible. If this is the case, they will most likely throw away the state and sectional playoffs and keep the competition confined to local areas and only play for the league title. This option is a possibility so we don’t spread from Long Island to upstate New York. 

The fourth, but the least ideal option is schools are closed in the fall and sports are canceled. If this happens, sports will not continue without being in school. 

Many seniors would be very disappointed if soccer season got canceled. Courtney Wenzel states, “I love soccer season. It is my favorite season…if it got cancelled due to COVID-19 I would be very upset.”

Overall, myself and all the other seniors hope that there will be an upcoming soccer season so we can represent WHB one more time on the soccer field.