N-95s are Running Low While Nurses are Running Wild


Jadyn Kass, Staff Writer, Staff Writers

Hospital workers are running low on PPEs and need help. Some nurses have to reuse their N-95 mask for three days before being allowed to exchange for a new one. But after working 12 hours a day the seal of the mask is broken and the mask is useless. 

Many hospital workers are leaving their work clothes at work and cleaning them in the office so they do not bring home bacteria that could potentially harm their families. Hospitals offer their workers protective gowns but workers feel they are not worth suing because the whole back of the gown is open. Hospitals do have scrubs reserved for surgery that are cleaned professionally but they are not offered to everyone. 

At the beginning of this pandemic hospitals had enough PPEs but now they are running severely low. Nurses also feel the hospitals are not relying on important information to their staff until after they need the information. One hospital responded to this claim: “Saint Mary’s communicates with all staff and providers on the COVID-19 outbreak and how it impacts Saint Mary’s practices and protocols, including any changing policies around PPE use.” 

If there are not enough PPEs nurses and doctors will get sick. If nurses and doctors get sick there will be no one to help treat patients with COVID-19 and more deaths will occur than people being cured. Hospital workers need the help from non-hospital workers to not buy N-95 masks. And need help from other facilities not using their N-95 mask to donate them to hospitals so they can have less of a chance of getting sick.

If you have any PPEs not being used, donate them to local hospitals near you.