Online Learning Frustrations


Bella Bougatsos, Staff Writer

Months later, and most of the world is still under quarantine, which means students are using online schooling and are having to deal with many of the issues that come with it. At the time this article was posted, online school for WHB students began eight weeks ago. Teachers are mainly using Google Classroom and PowerSchool to connect with their students. 

After talking with sophomores, Emily Schmidt and Geoff Arrasate, their biggest issues are how unorganized some teachers, Google Classroom, and Castle Learning is. A few weeks back a new schedule to help students workload came out but it has seemed to just make everything a lot more confusing for some students.  Emily said, “I have multiple teachers that completely ignore the schedule and continue to post two assignments due everyday and it becomes a lot more confusing to know what is due and when.”  Geoff struggles with not always knowing when to turn things in. He said, “When on Castle Learning I can’t tell because it’s not on Google Classroom.”

Although confusion is what a lot of people are feeling during these times sophomore Luke Mautone is feeling more annoyed than anything. He feels the workload is even more than it was before and a lot more hectic. “Now we have to take tests every day, Monday to Thursday from 9:25-11am.” After emailing his teachers, they have helped him work through some of his problems.

Contacting teachers for help is a great idea and can really help. Staying organized and having a schedule can also help get through the work smoother. Waking up and going to sleep at a reasonable time can really help with the workload as well as having a quiet, calm space to complete your work everyday.