Are Bluelight Glasses Effective or Just For Fashion?


Veronica Connelly, Staff Writer and Hailey Hanyo, Staff Writer

In the past few months, some WHB students have hopped on the latest trend and started wearing Blue Light glasses.

Bluelight glasses are worn to block blue UV light from electronics such as smartphones or laptops. The UV lights can slow the prevent of melatonin (affecting people’s circadian rhythm), cause eye strain, and cause headaches. However, due to the fact that these glasses have only become popular in the last couple of years, there is little to no evidence and research behind their effectiveness. We talked to some of the WHB students who have blue light glasses to see where they bought them and hear their opinions.

 Junior Abby Gobler has prescribed blue light glasses. She purchased them she got from MVMT for $75. Abby admits that  “Amazon has much cheaper options, I am just extra.” Abby added that she notices a difference when she stays up late doing her homework or watching Netflix.  The glasses make her eyes feel more alert and less strained.

Blue Light glasses on Amazon vary from $10- $25. Junior  Cameron Maxwell got a pair from Amazon for Christmas and said she feels no noticeable difference in her eyes. However, she revealed that her electronics have more of a yellowish tone.

Junior Elana Seltzer, who ordered her glasses for the looks, says she hasn’t noticed a difference in her sleep or the number of headaches she gets.

So, it seems although these glasses might be stylish, most people don’t notice much of a difference.  Consider trying Bluelight glasses for yourself if you are experiencing eye strain or headaches caused by UV light.