The Life of a Division I Athlete


Alessandro Morabito, Staff Writer, Staff Writer

Playing Division I lacrosse is a dream for many high school athletes,  however it doesn’t come easy, Tyler Nolan knows that all too well. Tyler achieved his lifetime goal through hard work and dedication on and off the field. 

Many athletes pursuing their goal of playing a Division 1 sport do not realize the amount of work that has to be put in once you get to the level. Tyler said, “Every aspect of my athletic life has changed exponentially, starting with my work loads going from minimal practices and lifts in high school to being expected to perform at a high level for six days a week including six lifts a week and six practices.”

The adjustment to the college level for Tyler was a struggle at first. “The biggest adjustment to college was being able to study and do homework, while being sore and tired from lacrosse. In high school it was easier to not do as much studying as you should but if you don’t in college you most likely will fail.”

Tyler admits the adjustment to college was “really hard.”  He said, “The first week I realized that I was going to need to buckle down and really put time into my studies and putting extra work on the field.”

Now that he has adjusted to college life, Tyler is loving Jacksonville.  He said, “My favorite part of Jacksonville is the overall atmosphere of the coach and players being able to have someone to push you academically and athletically.”

If you are someone who is hoping to play D1 in college, buckle down and work hard.