Carly Traynor, Staff Writer

Spring Lacrosse conditioning in winter conditions shows true dedication for the WHB boys’ and girls’ teams.

On Monday nights, from 5-7 pm, junior varsity and varsity boys head out to the turf layered with clothes and pads to practice in preparation for the upcoming season.

The boys are looking to win games, make playoffs, and work on improving the team’s skills, which is why practicing in these frigid temperatures is crucial to the team’s overall success this spring season.

Junior Jesse AlfanoStJohn seems to think that this year, the team needs to work on improving their overall chemistry. He says, “I think if we focus on working together as a team, and not so much on solo acts, we can really do well this upcoming season.”

According to Jesse, it gets the team comfortable with playing with each other as a team, making the transition easier for the incoming freshmen.

The practices are not mandatory, however, you must have a good excuse for not attending. It is important to coaches to see who is committed to the sport and shows them who really wants to improve during the off season.

Many people wonder, if you participate in these practices, do you still have the option of getting cut, and the answer is yes. Despite the fact that they didn’t to cuts last year, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t this season.

A tip for students looking to make the team, along with stick skills, coaches are looking for leaders; leaders who know and love the sport.

As for the girls the same pretty much applies. The girls practice on Tuesday’s from 5-6:30 pm on the turf.

The practices are again not mandatory to all students wishing to play lacrosse in the spring. However, there are many benefits to attending.

Junior Julia Weeks, says, “By conditioning so far in advance, it’s a good way to get prepared so that when tryouts come around, you don’t need to panic.”

Her goals for the upcoming season are similar to many other lax gals, to bond with the other girls on the team and get her mile time under 7:30. And by attending these practices, she is one step closer to her goal.

In comparison to the boys’ team, coaches look for stick skills, strong wall ball skills, mile time, and commitment for players wishing to make the team.

So, if you are wishing to make the spring lacrosse team, even though the conditions might seem cold, once you get moving out on the field, by the end you will be taking off layers and you will improve your skills before tryouts roll around. So although it might seem obscenely early, it will be here before you know it!